MD20 D

MD20 D Manter 20-head combination weigher

Multihead weigher with 20 dosing and weighing buckets

MD16 D

MD16 D weighing machine - Manter

Multihead weigher with 16 dosing and weighing buckets


MD16 weegmachine met 16 grote weegschalen

Multihead weigher with 16 buckets


MD12 weegmachine met 12 weegschalen

Multihead weigher with 12 buckets

M16i V

M16i V - multihead weigher for small fruits and vegetables

Multihead weigher for small types of fruit and vegetables

Clipper M3

Clipper M3 - view 3

Packaging machine for tubular netting with metal clip


RSB-P packaging machine for vegetables, fruits and other foods

Rollstock bagger for poly bags