We offer the opportunity for (graduation) internships in various departments. With a team of more than 100 colleagues, we have dozens of interns every year who put theory into practice with us. Would you like to gain knowledge from experienced mechanics, engineers or software developers? Then apply at the bottom of this page!

Graduation and shadowing internships

HBO & University

We have graduation internships and shadowing internships in the departments for higher professional and university students; Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Development, Research & Development, Logistics and Finance.


For MBO students we have graduation internships and shadowing internships in the departments; Production / Metalworking, Warehouse, Assembly, Engineering and Administration.

Secondary education

We offer the opportunity for secondary school students to do an internship with us. Usually with a technical perspective, for example in the Metalworking, Assembly or Engineering department.


Tobias Hofstede
Tobias HofstedeNHL Stenden | Industrial Automation & Robotics
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I am happy that I was given the opportunity at Manter to continue to challenge and develop myself. In addition, it is nice to see that I can immediately apply the knowledge I learn from colleagues in practice.
Iwan Bos
Iwan BosNHL Stenden | Finance & Control
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My internship at Manter was a great experience in which I learned a lot. The company has given me great opportunities for practical experience, which has allowed me to develop my financial skills. During my period I was also able to complete a challenging but beautiful assignment regarding the collaboration with Ilapak. The time flew by, partly thanks to the supportive colleagues and the positive working atmosphere. In short, Manter is a top company for anyone who wants to gain valuable work experience.
Jan Lanting
Jan LantingDrenthe College | Mechanical engineering
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I completed my 2nd and 3rd internship for the mechanical engineering course at Manter, first in pre-assembly and then in the drawing office. I liked this so I stuck around. Manter offers me many opportunities to continue learning and so I hope to continue doing this for many years to come!

See you soon!

Many interns choose to start their career at Manter after their studies.


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