Our range of weighing machines mainly consists of multi-head combination weighers for the agricultural and food industry. Thanks to our experience and knowledge in these fields, we can provide you with the best advice. The solution we offer strongly depends on your product and your personal wishes. Our weighing machines are known for their quality, accuracy and outstanding performance. As a result, we see that requests are coming in from more and more branches. We work in a customer-oriented manner with every request and we offer tailor-made solutions if necessary.

Engineered for you,
Built to last.

MD20 D weighing machine


Simple operation, quick change of preset and continuous overview of the situation.

Robust design

The machines are characterized as very reliable and therefore have little downtime.

Low maintenance

The lowest maintenance costs among weighing and packaging machines.

Involved partner

We are involved with our customers & dealers and we act on the wants and needs.

Need advice?

We are happy
to help you!


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