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We offer a complete and high-quality collection of weighing machines for vegetables, fruit and various other products. Our machines are known for their high capacity, accuracy and robust design. Your wishes and needs are the base for our approach, from advice to installation and maintenance.

MD20 D - high capacity combination weigher with dosing buckets


We offer a diverse range of high-quality packaging machines for various products. Our machines are known for their high capacity, accuracy and robust design. Your product and packaging wish are the base for our approach. Our specialists ensure a packaging line that performs optimally.

AutoMesh+ Rollstock Bagger with types of packaging suitable for Manter machines (1)

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Manter is a leading manufacturer of weighing and packaging machines for fresh produce, meat, fish and various other products.


We help packaging stations worldwide to automate and optimize their packaging process. We provide customers with expert advice and high-end (tailor-made) solutions for weighing, packaging and palletizing.

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Customer case Kuusisto

Our customer Kuusisto (from Finland) has an interesting story that we would like to share. This customer case is based on an interview with Mr. Kuusisto himself. We would like to thank him for his time and the insightful story.

Cherries packed in two sizes clamshells and crates

Our dealer, Agrien Ltd in Bulgaria, sold a project to customer Struma Fruit EOOD. Struma Fruit asked for a solution to weigh and pack cherries in different types of packaging: 2,5 and 5 kg crates and 500gr and 1 kg in clamshells. As a solution, Manter offered a waterbasin,…

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KEI-week Groningen is the general introduction week for all new students in the city of Groningen. Because Manter stimulates young talent and considers the development of students very important, Manter is sponsoring the event this year. We wish all students during the KEI week a lot of fun and…
We have launched a new version of our Label Dispenser. The special feature about the new version is that it has an option to built in a printer and the Label Dispenser is suitable for a stronger label, but still maintains the tear-off quality. This Label Dispenser can be…
As previously mentioned in our Mantertainment, we have developed a new weigher software 7.0 and it has already been implemented at several customers. The software has been developed entirely in-house and can be called a true upgrade. A visually high-quality design with a very approachable ease-of-use characterise this latest…