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We offer a complete and high-quality collection of weighing machines for vegetables, fruit and various other products. Our machines are known for their high capacity, accuracy and robust design. Your wishes and needs are the base for our approach, from advice to installation and maintenance.

MD20 D - high capacity combination weigher with dosing buckets


We offer a diverse range of high-quality packaging machines for various products. Our machines are known for their high capacity, accuracy and robust design. Your product and packaging wish are the base for our approach. Our specialists ensure a packaging line that performs optimally.

AutoMesh+ Rollstock Bagger with types of packaging suitable for Manter machines (1)

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Manter is a leading manufacturer of weighing and packaging machines for fresh produce, meat, fish and various other products.


We help packaging stations worldwide to automate and optimize their packaging process. We provide customers with expert advice and high-end (tailor-made) solutions for weighing, packaging and palletizing.

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Customer Case: FlevoTrade chose Manter for consistent high capacity and reliability

Customer FlevoTrade Location Dronten Year 2023 Flevotrade already knew for some years that an investment in their existing weighing and packing lines was needed. The existing machines were outdated and needed renewal to serve Flevotrade’s demands. After a thorough market research, Manter was selected to be the preferred company…

Project Dodlek Croatia

In Croatia we have delivered several packaging lines in the past year, thanks to our dealer Zagro. In this article we explain the project at Dodlek-Agro d.o.o. from where 2 packaging lines were installed this year. Dodlek is located in the same village where Zagro is located, namely Belica….

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