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We offer a complete and high-quality collection of weighing machines for vegetables, fruit and various other products. Our machines are known for their high capacity, accuracy and robust design. Your wishes and needs are the base for our approach, from advice to installation and maintenance.

MD20 D - high capacity combination weigher with dosing buckets


We offer a diverse range of high-quality packaging machines for various products. Our machines are known for their high capacity, accuracy and robust design. Your product and packaging wish are the base for our approach. Our specialists ensure a packaging line that performs optimally.

AutoMesh+ Rollstock Bagger with types of packaging suitable for Manter machines (1)

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Manter is a leading manufacturer of weighing and packaging machines for fresh produce, meat, fish and various other products.


We help packaging stations worldwide to automate and optimize their packaging process. We provide customers with expert advice and high-end (tailor-made) solutions for weighing, packaging and palletizing.

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Project in Lithuania

Customer Dainius Petrovičius Location Kėdainiai, Lethuania Date 16/9/2021 Watch video Dainius Petrovičius is a potato farmer with approximately 100 hectares of land in the centre of Lithuania, near the town of Kėdainiai. He was looking for a way to weigh, package and palletize his product himself. We have listened…

Visit to South America

Customers Multiple Location South America Period September 2023 Jarno’s travelogue Last July I (Jarno) traveled together with Michiel to Santiago in Chile, in South America. Together with our dealer Certa Chile, we visited existing and potential customers in southern Chile. The potential customers we visited now often pack their products…

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Sustainability is key in the world of packaging. Across the entire packaging industry, there is increasing demand for simple and fully recyclable packaging. We have responded to this demand and recently launched the MoNo Clipper which packs the product in mono material. This means that the packaging is made…
This year we have some spectacular reveals in store for you during the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. We will present two completely new packaging machines that are specifically designed for sustainable packaging. We are also launching our collaboration with Ilapak by exhibiting the VT2000 ML. And last but not…
In September we had the pleasure of visiting Poppe Landbouw, a beautiful family business with a passion for growing and retailing organic crops. What makes Poppe Landbouw so special is that they carry out several processes in the supply chain: they grow crops and then process, package and sell…