Packaging line for nuts

We offer a wide range of packaging, weighing, and palletizing solutions for potatoes. As a leading manufacturer of high-end packaging lines in the fresh produce industry, we collaborate with our partners to provide complete post-harvest solutions. Our advanced technology and customized systems ensure efficiency and quality from field to market, helping you optimize operations, reduce waste, and maintain the freshness of your produce. In cooperation with our dealers, such as Volm Companies Inc. in the USA, we offer worldwide service and maintenance.

Types of packaging for nuts

Our range of packing machines offers various options for packing nuts. From 250 grams to 50 kg jute, net, paper and poly bags. We also offer machines for all shapes and sizes of crates, boxes, punnets and trays. The images below will direct you to the packaging machine that can produce the specific type of packaging.

MONO-Material Net bag

Clip Net bag

Single bag


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Packaging machines for nuts​

We have made a selection of the packaging machines that are most often used for nuts. As there are a lot of different kinds and shapes of nuts, the wishes of our customers also vary a lot. This is where our expertise comes in to make sure you makes the right decisions for optimal value with your product.

Weighing machines for nuts​

The most suitable weigher depends on the weight to be packed, desired speed and the type of packaging in which the nuts will be packed. We are happy to help you find out which machine is most suitable and fits your needs. On the left you can see some examples of weighing machines suitable for nuts.

Palletizing machines for nuts​

Our palletizers are designed for excellent stack quality at optimum speed. Automated palletizing ensures consistent stack quality and increases your production capacity. Thanks to their robust construction, Manter machines have low maintenance intervals and high uptime.

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