Packaging machines

Crate Filler

Crate and box filling machine

This machine automatically fills crates or boxes. The low intermediate bucket reduces the drop height, keeping the products in optimal condition. 


Weight (kg) Max. bags per minute up to
5 20
10 16
15 15
25 14
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SemiPack+ Display

In-house software

Quick and easy to operate via the touchscreen that works on software that we have developed in-house.

Intuitive Controls

Due to the simplicity and clarity of the software, the machine can be operated quickly and effectively.

Online data

A link to the internet makes it possible to retrieve data from the machine and provide insight into possibilities in terms of optimization.

Remote support

Our service department can monitor the system remotely and make adjustments if necessary.


Category Fruits & Vegetables, Other

Type Packaging machine

Material Powder coated steel

Cleaning Dry cleaning only

Class IP54

Suitable for Animal feedBeetrootCarrotsCitrusGarlicNutsOnionsPaprikaPotatoesRadishSproutsWood pellets
Weight range van 5 tot 25 kg

Diameter product (mm) 100

Length product (mm) 100

Capacity up to 20 Packs per minute at 5kg *

* Depending on product and discharge system.

Robust design
Low maintenance
Involved partner

Need advice?

We are happy
to help you!

Need advice?

We are happy to help you!


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