Manter palletizer ST30

Machine description

The ‘ST30’ is a palletizer with a high-quality construction and a user-friendly interface. This type is fully automatic, which means that the pallets are fed, stacked and carried out fully automatically.

  • Capacity: up to 22 bags per minute*
  • Bag dimensions: up to 900 mm in length
  • Pallet dimensions: any pallet up to 1600 mm width
  • Pallet in and outfeed: fully automatic
  • Operation: touchscreen with online connection options
  • Safety fencing on the entry and exit sides
  • Power: 400V / 3
  • Phase 0+ earth
  • Air: compressed air 7 bar, clean and dry
  • Closed stacking cage
  • Adjustable stacking wall for 2 pallet sizes
  • Dual Purpose manipulator to handle boxes and crates in addition to bags
  • Pneumatically/electrically adjustable forming collar
  • Automatic wrapping machine
  • Slip sheet dispenser
  • Corner setter and strapping machine

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Need advice?

We are happy to help you!


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