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IMA Rocord Panda BS RS

Flow wrapper Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS)

The Panda BS RS (Bottom Seal Rotating Seal) can reach a speed of 80 packages per minute. The rotating sealing jaws (single or double) are used for quick packaging with simple packaging material (even heat-shrinkable); This type of seal protects the product and gives the packaging a nice appearance.

Packaging examples


Category Fruits & Vegetables, Other

Type Flow wrapper

Material RVS

Class IP54

Suitable for ApplesBerriesCarrotsCherriesCherry tomatoesCitrusGarlicOnionsPaprikaPearsPotatoesRadishSproutsTomatoes

Weight range 0,1 tot 2,5 kg

Max. bag width (mm) 280

Max. bag height (mm) 180

Robust design
Low maintenance
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Need advice?

We are happy to help you!


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