Slovakian Zeleninárska chooses Manter weighing solution

Customer APH Group Slovakia

Location region Bratislava

Date 16/9/2021

In western Slovakia, in the Bratislava region, Zeleninárska packs potatoes, onions and root parsley, among other things. Their largest supplier is Agromacaj. Zeleninárska’s packing site processes more than 60,000 tons of potatoes and onions annually. To take the accurate weighing of root parsley to a higher level, Manter has installed an M10 Ca weigher in collaboration with local dealer APH Group Slovakia.

Ensuring quality, now and in the future

Zeleninárska is continuously improving and expanding their facilities, such as in the packaging location where the product is packed. “Looking to the future, we looked at a more efficient way of weighing, especially for root parsley,” says Sales Manager Tjebbe Meinheer van Manter. “Weighing the parsley root accurately is always a difficult job, because of the long shape of the product, blockages easily form in the machines. The machines Zeleninárska had before did not handle this well.” With the Manter M10 Ca, these problems are a thing of the past. The M10 Ca has been specially developed for long products, such as carrots and parsnips. “The long scales and long vibrating feeders prevent blockages. Perfect for the root parsley.”

Door te investeren in betere machines kan Zeleninárska hun kwaliteit de komende jaren waarborgen.


Zeleninárska has direct personal contact and service around the corner with the local Manter dealer APH Group Slovakia. In recent years, the popularity of Slovakian food is increasing in its own country. “Just like in many other European countries, the demand for fresh products in small packages in supermarkets has increased enormously,” Mr. explains. “Zeleninárska needs reliable and efficient machines to keep up with the increasing demand. With the Manter machines and the local service of APH Group Slovakia, they have found a perfect combination to achieve this.”

Tjebbe Mijnheer

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