Project Dodlek Croatia

Customer Dodlek

Location Kroatia

Dealer Zagro

Year 2023

Two special packaging lines in one year

In Croatia we have delivered several packaging lines in the past year, thanks to our dealer Zagro. In this article we explain the project at Dodlek-Agro d.o.o. from where 2 packaging lines were installed this year. Dodlek is located in the same village where Zagro is located, namely Belica. The owners of both companies knew each other from an early age, so that was a great match.

About Dodlek

The Dodlek family, rooted in agriculture, started potato production in 1961 and developed into Dodlek-Agro. With modern technologies, they lead in the field of potato production, irrigation and automated packaging. As a family business, with 150 hectares of production and a GLOBAL G.A.P. certification, they export to several countries. Retirees Franjo and Marija guide their son Mirjan, emphasizing unity and trust within the family and with partners.

Packaging line with MD14 XXL weigher

This customer wanted to pack potatoes and onions in rashel mesh bags of 5, 10, 15 and 25 kg. In addition, they also wanted to pack celeriac up to 180mm in the same type of 10kg bags. Due to the size of the tubers it was necessary to go for a MD14 XXL with the addition of the optional raising dosing flap unit. Normally the dosing flap is at a height of about 11 to 12 cm, but the largest celeriac will not fit through there. To fully utilize the capacity of this weigher, there is an AutoMesh on both sides. An AutoMesh can achieve a capacity of 18 bags per minute with 10kg mesh bags. The MD14 XXL can handle 30 deposits per minute.

Difference between XL and XXL

MD16 with 3 external packers

The customer wanted to replace their weigher that feeds 3 packaging machines from different manufacturers via 4 possible outputs. (Girsack Giro GB55, Sorma BRS-134, Sorma clipper RB2) For this we have offered the MD16 with a modified frame and a butterfly discharge. In addition, we have also installed an AutoMesh Baler that can pack consumer packaging in a mesh outer bag.

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