Project in Lithuania

Customer Dainius Petrovičius

Location Kėdainiai, Lethuania

Date 16/9/2021

Dainius Petrovičius is a potato farmer with approximately 100 hectares of land in the centre of Lithuania, near the town of Kėdainiai. He was looking for a way to weigh, package and palletize his product himself. We have listened carefully to the wishes and put in our effort to find the best possible solution. Ultimately, he submitted an application to us at the Fruit Logistica 2019 and the ball started rolling. After a while of silence, the subsidy was finalized in 2022 and the contract was signed at Fruit Logistica 2023.

Packaging wishes

Dainius wanted to pack his potatoes in 2.5 kg polyethylene bags with the choice of a tape and seal closure. This is why we have offered our RSB-P (RollStock Bagger Poly). The bags are ‘premade’, so they have a serrated edge and there are also holes in them for ventilation of the product. It was also the wish to bundle the packaged potatoes per 20 kg in mesh master bags. For this we have offered our AutoMesh Baler.

The line

The complete line consists of an MD12 multihead weigher with an RSB-P and an AutoMesh Baler. One of our technicians visited this customer in September and was able to install the complete line within a week. In the meantime, the line is running at full capacity, producing this year’s harvest. The installation looks great, as shown in the video, and our technician also mentioned that everything was very well organized.

Spare parts kit

The spare parts kit has received more attention lately. This customer is a good example of the ideal situation, as we envision it. They have chosen to take a spare parts kit for all 3 machines. This means that standard, wearing and sensitive parts are always ready and the machine can probably be repaired much faster. Used components can then be supplemented to maintain the desired effect in the long term.

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