Packing table – New and improved

The new Manter Packing Table was recently sold to Hekric Boerdery in Bloemfontein, South Africa. This customer already had an M12 V with a Clipper M2 and 2 Carousels. The Carousels are being replaced by our Double Wicket Bagger with a packing table for packing potatoes and onions in plastic bags of 1 and 4 kg. An elevator belt from our dealer Uniekum will be placed between the discharge and the packing table.

How it works

Bags are fed over the top belt, as soon as the belt is full it tilts and the bags slide down on a large sliding plate. From here you can put the bags from the sliding plate into the crates. At the front of the machine is a long table on which the crates can stand during filling. This table is adjustable in height for an ideal working height. As soon as a crate is full, it can be slid onto the lower conveyor belt and it will be transported further.


The machine can be equipped with an extra frame on which a third belt can be mounted. Empty crates can be supplied here.


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