Manter MoNo Clipper: No Clip – Monomaterial

Sustainability is key in the world of packaging. Across the entire packaging industry, there is increasing demand for simple and fully recyclable packaging. We have responded to this demand and recently launched the MoNo Clipper which packs the product in mono material. This means that the packaging is made of the same material, contains ‘No clip’ and is therefore easy to separate and recycle.

Revolution in the packaging industry

Until now, the tubular mesh bag closures were a challenge for the packaging industry, because it required a metal or plastic clip which made the bag not entirely recyclable. For this reason, we have developed a machine that packs products in a mono-material package. As this bag is completely recyclable, this new machine seamlessly connects with the increasing demand for sustainability and convenience.

MoNo Clipper

Recently, we introduced the MoNo Clipper. The MoNo Clipper is distinguished by its name, derived from ‘No Clip’, which indicates that the machine is designed for mono material without the use of clips. Instead of clips, the bags are sealed tightly. The MoNo Clipper facilitates easier recycling of packaging material. The machine is suitable for packaging potatoes, onions, citrus, garlic, nuts, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes. The MoNo Clipper has not been on public display before, but will be on display for the first time at our booth during the Fruit Logistica 2024 on 7, 8 and 9 February in Berlin.

We hope to see you in Berlin!

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