Improved label dispenser

We have launched a new version of our Label Dispenser. The special feature about the new version is that it has an option to built in a printer and the Label Dispenser is suitable for a stronger label, but still maintains the tear-off quality. This Label Dispenser can be connected to our SemiPack(+), AutoMesh(+) and AutoPack(HS).

The printer

In some cases the labels are already printed, then no printer is needed. But some products require unique data, such as a date or a unique product code. Therefore, we have added an optional integrated printer frame (with printer).

New tear-off system

What makes the new Label Dispenser special is that it is tailored to stronger labels for heavier products. Previously, the Label Dispenser was tailored for perforated labels that could be torn off straight away with a maximum pull force of 10kg. Nowadays, sturdier labels are increasingly used, where the pulling force is quite higher. Simply adding more pulling force to the Label Dispenser was not an option, which caused the labels to tear through the middle instead of neatly across the perforation line, for example. As a solution to these stronger labels, a pin was added that pins the labels in at the top of the perforation line. This makes the label tape weak and the label tears on neatly along the perforation line. In this way, the pulling force is greatly reduced, the machine offers improved tear-off quality and better-quality labels can be worked with!

Same speed as always

Despite these adjustments, we continue to deliver the speed our customers have come to expect from us. The extra operations, printing the labels and pinning for label tear-off, do not compromise the speed of the packing process. In fact, the Label Dispenser can keep up with the connected SemiPack(+), AutoMesh(+) and AutoPack(HS). In addition, in case the customer wants to print alternately with and without a label, the Label Dispenser can be easily disconnected by using the standardly fitted sliding frame.

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