Construction Year: 2019

Used bagger for loose bags. Suitable for 5 as well for 10-25kg bags. Including:
  • Thread break detection
  • Tapedispenser
  • Vibrating motor in support belt
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Construction Year: 2017

Combination weigher for large weights. Read more

Wicket Bagger with Kwik Lok 865 closing system

Construction Year: 2011

This used Wicket Bagger is a packing machine for pre-made bags from a wicket. The bags are closed with a Kwik Lok closure-label. Read more


Construction Year: 2017

This used fully automatic multi-head weigher is available with 12 weighing buckets in 2 rows of 6 buckets. With this occasion you can weigh almost any loose product with an accuracy of 5 grams (or better). Read more

Wicketbagger Softfill

Construction Year: 2017

The Wicketbagger Softfill is a packingmachine for filling and closing prefabricated bags from the wicket. This softfill version is equipped with a special belt and brushes to reduce the drop of the product. This makes this packingmachine very suitable for sensitive products like apples. Read more

Clamshellfiller with denester

Construction Year: 2016

Machine for automatic filling of punnets and clamshells. The machine is equiped with a denester. The denester separates the stacked punnets and places them on the transportbelt. The transportbelt has high partitions between the punnets to make sure the product does not fall out of the punnet. Read more