Enterprise of the year pre-judging

This year we are participating in the ‘Enterprise of the year (in the provice of Drenthe)’ an event for which we were nominated. From the 150 nominations, 10 were selected to give a presentation. 3 companies went through to the finals. As a finalist we received a visit of the jury who assessed our company on many specific criteria. During the guided tour the jury grabbed every chance to speak with our colleagues to get unbiased and honest opinions. The winner will be announced on the 19th of October in a theatre in Assen (the capital of Drenthe).

The Chairman of DOvhJ about the finalists

Chairman of the DOvhJ, Martin Schoonheim, about the upcoming final. “Once again Drenthe excels with wonderful finalists. They are innovative and successful. They stand out because of how they operate agilely in their market and respond flexibly to opportunities. Entrepreneurship at its best in combination with a professional organization, systems and employees. Leaders of the economic development of Drenthe”.

Why are we participating?

First of all we are very proud of our machines and the teams that develop and build them. We are ussualy very modest about this, which is why we haven’t accepted the nominations in past years. An other reason not to participate is the time investment that comes with it. So, why did we choose to accept this year? There are currently few unemployed people in the Netherlands and this makes it a challenge to find staff. The publicity that comes with the event will increase our local brand awareness. Since we are among the finalists, this will be accompanied by a good image and we will therefore present ourselves as a good employer and an interesting company to work at. We hope these developments will have a positive effect on our ability to find the right people.

The other finalists

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