An energizing trip

This March our Export Sales Manager Jeroen Zandman went on a business trip to Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. During this trip, he visited several (potential) clients and relations, including GVIP and Durkin Produce in Australia.

GV Independent Packers (GVIP)

Together with Ian Serra – Territory Manager Australia at Wyma – Jeroen visited GVIP in Shepparton. Our M14 SF, Punnet Filler and Discharge Conveyor are part of a complete packaging line. During Jeroen’s visit, the machine was running apples. This entire line is designed to reduce drop heights; apples and pears roll through the weigher and the Punnet Filler intermediate stop causes the product to land gently in the tray. Proper handling is crucial to preserving apples and pears, because these are susceptible to bruising. In less than a year, the line has already filled more than 2 million cardboard punnets – what a success! Click on the video to watch this impressive line.

Durkin Produce

Jeroen and Ian also visited Durkin Produce in Thorpdale. Durkin is a family run business: growing, packing and distribution of fresh vegetables. At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Wyma installed our M10 weigher in combination with the Crate Filler for loose products and the Rollstock Bagger for pre-packs. Depending on weather conditions, the potatoes can be covered with sandy soil or sticky clay after harvesting. Accurate weighing and bagging of unwashed potatoes require robustly built equipment, the M10, RSB-P and Crate Filler have been engineered to resist these harsh conditions for constant operation. The weigher can be equipped with belts instead of vibrating lanes and with special weigh buckets for easy cleaning. Durkin is very satisfied with the Manter line. Click the button below to see a video of the M10 weigher and the RSB-P.

Matt Steendam, Ian Serra & Paul McClure

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