Clipper M2 updates

Manter has made the Clipper M2 even smarter by introducing a new type of PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface). This has prompted a complete update of this fast and versatile packaging machine. The results are impressive; with the improved Clipper M2, the latest technology is combined with even more ease of use.

From optional to standard

“Recently, Manter gave its Clipper M2 a major makeover,” says Johan Oosting, R&D Engineer at Manter. “In the meantime, the first renewed machines have also been built and put into use.” The machine has been significantly improved in terms of user-friendliness and the quality of the end result. “The support band has now become an integral part of the Clipper,” continues Oosting. “The belt was actually always ordered as a separate part, but integration has the great advantage that the bags are transported more neatly and they are processed more beautifully.” The integration of the support belt also benefits cleaning under and around the machine.

More sustainable version

“With the improved version, the pipe of the Clipper M2 is made of lightweight PP”, continues Oosting, “PP is much stronger than the PVC used until now, which is beneficial for the durability of the machine.” Automatic oil lubrication is now also included as standard. “Every 500 strokes, an exact dose of food-grade oil is applied to the clip head, which significantly extends the life of the machine and especially the clip head.”

Technical tour de force

“The machine is equipped with a new type of PLC and HMI”, says Oosting. “This new operation is more intuitive and user-friendly. This type of PLC also makes it possible to communicate with a higher-level software layer, which is a growing demand from customers.” A service message appears in the HMI for cleaning and maintenance, among other things.

Quality guaranteed

All the above developments result in an even better Clipper M2. “Manter is known for the excellent quality and reliability of the machines,” says Oosting. “With this upgrade, the quality is further guaranteed.

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