Revolutionary app for Manter

Imagine: An extra part needs to be ordered. This item must be replaced as soon as possible , because you do not want to lose valuable production time. However you do not have any installation manuals, aftersales can not be reached and if you reach someone, misunderstandings may result from language barriers. These are only a few reasons that can lead to delays in the leadtime of ordering and installing machine parts. It takes you time and therefore money aswell

How does the app work?
Obtaining a detailed inside view of a machine has never been so easy. Through a Smartphone app, the Manter app visualizes machines on serial numbers for registered users. Operators can disassemble specific machines parts through a unique graphical user interface and order the required components.

The application is able to select the right components in a few simple steps, by utilising the visual aspect of the design. The different parts, subassemblies and components can be selected, which helps in explaining the problem that has occured. When further action is needed, eg. A new part has to be ordered, the user can select the part that has broken down. Within a matter of seconds, a request for price for the right component is shown.
By decreasing the leadtime of the notice of a defect, to receiving a new component, an increase in customer service is achieved. After receiving the price request, Manter will proceed to send the quotation. Afterwards, the accepted parts will be send as soon as possible to minimize the downtime. The customer is able to receive it’s parts much quicker, and Manter keeps the customers satisfied with the swift service. The visualised method counters the speech confusion that could surface during a conversation via phone.

Basic functionality:
Available for iOS and Android
Windows version for PC
Rotate / 360 degree view
Touch control for more details
Switching off and on machine parts
Component information