Manter meets demand with the Pouchfiller

As packaging, pouches are currently in big demand in the food industry. These small, practical packages are available in standing or non-standing models and are used in particular to bag confectionery, nuts, seeds and coffee beans.

Pouches are still mainly being filled manually, which takes a heavy toll on expenses. Manter has therefore been asked to develop an automated solution for this problem. In response, the Manter engineers designed and manufactured a special pouch filler, which was recently introduced at the fruit Logistica in Berlin. The pleasant thing about this new Manter packager is that it can automatically fill and seal singulated pouches. The Manter Pouchfiller simply lifts each individual Pouch and places it under the filling neck, with the pouch already opened. After filling, the Manter Pouchfiller automatically closes the zip lock around the filling neck. As soon as the pouch has been filled and sealed, it is transported along the packaging line for further processing. The machine can be fitted with an optional heat sealer. The Manter Pouchfiller has been in big demand since its introduction in Berlin. The first O-series models are currently being tested in practice by the company. Manter expects the first final production versions to be available at the beginning of 2018.