Manter machines boost customer satisfaction at Navarro Darder

Operating from Valencia in the south of Spain, Navarro Darder SL each year packages approximately 25,000 tonnes of onions. In order to supply customers better and faster, this trading company has in recent years invested significantly in fast and reliable Manter weighers and packaging machines. “Now that we work with the MD14 XL in combination with the latest MBP HS and SAB HS, we can effortlessly switch from one type of packaging to another. We no longer ask our customer when they want to deliver, but how many trucks they want to have loaded”, states commercial manager José Vte. Darder with a smile.
Navarro Darder
“By investing in modern equipment, we will also be able to achieve this growth sustainably”,Navarro and Darder state with conviction..

Cesar Navarro and José Vte. Darder consider customer satisfaction as the main objective in their daily activities. To achieve this, the company offers a broad range of pallet packaging materials for yellow, red, white and sweet onions. With 99% of the sales, onions are by far the most important crop, but in early spring the company also supplies exclusive early potatoes from the region to customers in Spain and abroad. 25 percent of the turnover is generated in Spain, the remainder is exported to central markets in the Netherlands, Germany, Northern and Eastern Europe and even South America. “Our customers require an extensive range of consumer packaging products and 5 to 25 kilogramme net bags and boxes. It is therefore important that our machinesenable us to switch quickly from one type of packaging to the other”, Navarro emphasises. “We provide top quality and fast service, which is why we can ask fair prices for the products we offer”, Darder adds.

Manter has a strong global reputation
“We have known Manter products for a long time now”, says Navarro. He is impressed by the company’s worldwide reputation, but also by the level of service and support that he receives from Manter Packaging Iberica. “We know various companies here in Spain that have been working with reliable Manter machines for 20 years and are very satisfied. We maintain very close relationships with our local man Albert Llaguerri and his technical team. Short communication lines are essential, seeing that we have to rely on fast assistance as soon as the need arises. Just in time delivery is, after all, one of the pillars of our company”, Navarro elaborates. “After the introduction of the Manter MBP HS and the SAB HS, we knew very quickly that we would have to invest in those new machines”. The MBP HS, the bag placer for jute, nets and woven bags with holes and a plastic strip, has undergone several changes. It is now fully encased, with
which the machine already complies with future CE standards and is very safe to operate. Access doors that open wide still allow for easy access. The speed has also increased, due to which it
is highly suitable for use in combination with the SAB HS packaging machine. Combined, these machines can package and firmly stitch up to twenty 25-kg bags per minute. “Switching is now child’s play. We can accurately weigh and package a different product within 45 seconds. Combined with the MD14 XL weigher, we can now also accurately weigh our big Spanish onions and package
them to customer specifications”, the managers explain.

Continual growth
Looking at the future, these Spanish professionals aim to expand their markets and sales. The ideal location of the company, close to the port of Valencia and vital motorways to the main cities of Madrid and Barcelona and the rest of Europe forms a strong base for future operations. The company expects to achieve a 20% annual increase in sales for the coming years. “By investing in modern equipment, we will also be able to achieve this growth sustainably”, Navarro and Darder state with conviction.

Onions pallatized
By combining the MBP HS and the SAB HS with the MD 14XL weigher, Navarro Darder can now also accurately weigh its big Spanish onions and package them to customer specifications.