Manter M16i V combines high speed with high accuracy

An entirely new machine in the Manter range is the M16i V. Upgraded even further for optimal performance, this entirely stainless steel weigher features an impressive sixteen weighing trays in line. In addition, each weighing tray has a dosing bucket, which guarantees a combination of high speed processing and high weighing accuracy.

The Manter M16i V weigher is based on the existing Manter M12i V, but with four additional weighing buckets, as its name already implies. Its features make this machine highly diverse in use, with an impressive processing capacity for a wide range of products. Examples are potatoes, onions, carrots as well as vegetables such as Bell Peppers. The Manter M16i V is especially suitable for sensitive products that require a very limited drop-height, for which our engineers have devised a unique alteration to the weighing buckets. The weighing buckets on the M16i V have a V-shaped discharge valve at the front and at the back. This feature minimises the drop-height of the products. One of the advantages of this solution is that it does not require a distribution system. Manter expects this machine to be in high demand for food products that require the smallest possible drop-height.

Optimised distribution

The basis of the M16i V is its incredibly durable stainless steel frame. It also features several constructive adjustments to guarantee even more weighing capacity. One of the significant improvements is the optimised distribution of products over the vibrating hoppers. This process has been further improved by fitting the plastic hoppers with powerful vibrating coils. The hoppers distribute the products over the full width of the machine for weighing. Another improvement is the position in which the removable dosing bucket has been placed. As the product is conveyed towards the weighing buckets it first passes the dosing bucket, which acts as a buffer for filling the weighing tray. The dosing bucket is easily mounted and disassemble. The big advantage of the dosing bucket is that it enlarges the feeding space to the weighing tray, as a result of which both machine components are easily cleaned. Once filled, the weighing buckets immediately discharge the product on the discharge belt. Manter offers a wide variety of discharge belts: towards the centre or the side, or a combination of both. In addition, the M16i V weigher features high-quality Manter software that has been thoroughly tested over the years and that are known to be extremely reliable, even when applied in high-capacity machines such as the new M16i V. The first serial machines have meanwhile been sold to packaging companies that specialise in garlic, onions and frozen fish.