Manter Balance 25 & 26

Manter machines play an indispensable role among customers, which is why high-quality service is such an important part of the organisation. To maintain service at the highest level, Manter over the past years has invested in technology that enables online contact with machines. The result is the Manter Machine Gateway (MMG), which allows for remote-controlled maintenance. Together with the customer, Manter experts use this MMG to diagnose operating software with test software in order to achieve an optimal alignment of machines and/or to identify problems. It is now also possible to provide remotely controlled maintenance for packaging machines by connecting them to the MMG.

Another first at Manter is the expansion of services with the Manter service app. This application runs on Android (IOS) as well as independently. More about the app and the planned changes in the provision of Manter services can be read in this edition of Manter Balance. Also included in this edition is an article on the Spanish trading company Navarro Darder SL. This customer recently opted for two new Manter machines, the MBP2 and a SAB2 HS. Combined, these machines can package and stitch up to twenty 25-kg bags per minutes. According to the owners of the company, both machines contribute significantly to growing satisfaction among its customers. As Manter, we are naturally very proud of this distinction. This edition also features an article on the new M12i Fr, a new weigher that supplements the existing range and is suitable for industries in which IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) products are processed. Several of these machines are already operational in the fishing industry.
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Manter Balance 25
This time, the main theme in ManterBalance is Expansion 2.0. The last edition of our newsletter also featured expansion, and the information provided in this edition constitutes a follow-up. Manter is currently going through a phase of considerable growth. This is obviously good news for our organisation, seeing that it proves that the tremendous efforts contributed by our personnel lead to increased success and expansion. However, the current developments also represent a major challenge. They require a high level of flexibility in business operations, at least
enough for the company to quickly and efficiently adapt to the growing conditions. Thankfully, events are being dealt with effectively, and our organisation keeps growing, as is evident from the content of this newsletter. Manter recently introduced the M16i V, a new multi-head weigher featuring sixteen weighing trays. This entirely stainless steel weigher has all weighing trays aligned in a single row, making it highly suitable for processing a wide variety of products. Another novelty in terms of machinery is the Manter Pouchfiller. This innovative machine was first
presented at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin, where it soon became the centre of attention. An entire automatic Manter weighing and packaging system for seed potatoes has meanwhile been delivered and installed at the Synplants cooperative in Luxembourg. The system consists of a weigher for heavy loads, the MD14XL, and an automatic packaging machine for loose bags in combination with an MBP HS and an SAB HS. We recently also launched a new website, more information on which is included in this newsletter. The website,, provides both Manter and our customers many possibilities by means of which to expand even more in the future. Now, let’s aim for version 3.0.