Manter Service App now available

Last year, during the Potato Europe, Manter International, in cooperation with Provrex, has launched a revolutionary service app. This application, suitable for smartphone or tablet, will benefit in the service process between the customer and Manter International. En savoir plus

Fishing industry embraces M12i Fr weigher

Being the growing company it is, Manter always aims to enlarge its field of operations. In addition, at the request of the Spanish fish processing companies En savoir plus

Revolutionary app for Manter

Imagine: An extra part needs to be ordered. This item must be replaced as soon as possible En savoir plus

Manter meets demand with the Pouchfiller

As packaging, pouches are currently in big demand in the food industry. These small, practical packages are available in standing or non-standing models and are used En savoir plus

Manter M16i V combines high speed with high accuracy

An entirely new machine in the Manter range is the M16i V. Upgraded even further for optimal performance, this entirely stainless steel weigher features an impressive sixteen weighing trays in line. En savoir plus

Easterday Farms : la qualité pour maître mot

L’entreprise familiale Easterday Farms cultive et conditionne des pommes de terre et des oignons

En savoir plus