“We need to have equipment we can count on, Volm has proven to provide this.”

A conversation with Ashour Albazi, Director of Special Projects at EarthFresh Foods.

Ashour Albazi has been director of special projects at EarthFresh Foods for almost 12 years. They are a valued customer since Volm’s early years. Manter machines are sold in the United States under the name Volmpack and is exclusively sold by Volm. The Volm sales team spoke to Ashour on the phone.

Can you start by telling something more about your business?

“EarthFresh is a grower, packer and shipper of fresh produce with offices and packing facilities in Burlington and Grand Bend, Canada and also in Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S.” EarthFresh is a market leader with distribution throughout North America. And they source products from 38 States in the USA and from 9 Provinces in Canada to assure their customers have the finest fresh produce year-round.

Can you tell us something about your first acquaintance with Volm?

“I first worked with Volm quite a few years at our old packing facility in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.” EarthFresh today packs in its own state-of-the-art production facilities in Burlington, Ontario and Atlanta, Georgia. “We started with a weigher with dual wickets and a carrousel bagger for our paper bags.”

What was the main reason for you to choose a Volm machine?

“Volm came highly recommended in the industry for high quality, reliability and with the best after-the-sale service, support and parts.” Volm Companies is a leading manufacturer and distributor of world class packaging equipment solutions. The automated Volmpack weighers use the latest technology to provide high-production speeds and highly accurate results with various models available.

Which machine did you choose? And why?

“This is a tough question. A few years ago we only had the VP12000 (red. weigher with 12 weighing buckets) or newer MD12 version weighers (red. high speed and high accuracy 12 bucket weigher) with wicket baggers and carousels.” Volmpack next generation weighers offer best in class speed and accuracy, touchscreen monitors with user friendly features along with a modern and reduced footprint design. “Since then we have moved to the high-speed MD16 weighers (red. high output, high speed weigher able to fill up to four baggers at once) with high-speed VFFS bagging machines (red. Volmpack Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Baggers) and high-speed bulk weighing machine MD14 XL for our 50lb boxes and bags.” The MD14 XL is equipped with 14 extra-large weighing buckets for high output. It is the largest, fastest, large bucket weigher in the Volmpack line-up. “Whatever our need for the package style, Volm has a solution!”

How happy are you with your Volm purchase?

“I am very happy with our purchases! We have 15 to 20 year-old Volmpacks as well as 1 to 2 year-old Volmpacks and they’re all very reliable machines. When we do run into issues we have great phone support as well as onsite techs that are available to visit.” Not surprisingly, the value of Volm for the customer lies, besides a high-quality machine, in expert advice during the procurement process and perfect service during installation and the entire lifespan of the machine.

What do you like about Volm?

“There are many things that I do like but what stands out the most is that they are reliable. Simple, but the truth.” Quality for Volm means exact, reliable and durable machines, keeping maintenance costs low. “When we are busy, we need to have equipment we can count on. Volm has proven to provide this.”

How would you describe Volm to people who don’t know us yet?

“Manufacturers of high quality, high-speed and highly accurate weighing and bagging solutions for the produce industry.” In 1995, the first Volmpack weighing machine was introduced into the fresh produce industry in North America. Today, we celebrate the success of an entire portfolio of Volmpack machines; from weighing all the way to secondary packing solutions.

One of the machine installations at EarthFresh.

It’s with much appreciation that we say thank you and we wish EarthFresh Foods all the best!

Interview by Volm