Walk in the park with the Manter M1 SF

Manter has expanded the range for weighing hard fruit with the M1 SF. With this belt weigher system, sorted fruit such as apples can be weighed effortlessly, at a relatively low investment. “We unburden our customers with an ea­sy to integrate solution and a quick return on investment.”

The compact M1 SF in action.

Weighing sorted fruit

“We have translated the customer demand for an economical solution for weighing sorted product into the M1 SF,” says Michiel Eilander of Manter. “This smart weigher has an integrated dosing unit for reaching the target weight of the sorted product. As a result, there is never too little product bagged and overweight is minimized.” The belt weigher requires a significantly lower investment than a regular combination weigher, which has less added value for sorted fruit. After all, each apple already has a known weight because of the (optical) sorting machine, it’s all about the correct amount that ends up in the packaging.

Accurate dosing system

Two conveyor belts are used for the supply and dosing, a wide and a narrow belt. “The wide belt can bring a relatively large amount of product on the weighing belt in a short time. The second, narrow supply belt then carefully doses the apples or other products, one by one, until the final weight is reached.” says Eilander. In this way, dosing can be done accurately and quickly. “Our packaging machines, such as the Pouch Filler or the RSB-P, also combine seamlessly with this weigher.”


Because drop heights are minimised during the weighing process, this weigher is extremely suitable for delicate fruit such as apples and pears. “Bruised apples belong to the past with this weigher,” says Eilander. “And that’s what every fruit supplier wants, fresh apples of excellent quality.” But the M1SF can also be the perfect solution for other pre-sorted products. In situations where an integrated, product-friendly and efficient solution is required, the M1 SF can be used. With this weigher, the packager can guarantee its quality without having to make any concessions in terms of quality, speed and efficiency.