Slovak Zeleninárska chooses Manter weighing solution

In the west of Slovakia, in the Bratislava region, Zeleninárska Zeleninárska packs fresh vegetables such as potatoes, onions and parsley. Their main supplier is Agromacaj. The Zeleninárska packaging site processes over 60,000 tons of potatoes and onions annually. To take the accurate weighing of parsley to a higher level, Manter has installed an M10 Ca weighing machine in cooperation with local Manter dealer, APH Group Slovakia.

Ensuring quality, now and in the future

Zeleninárska is continuously improving and expanding their facility, such as their packaging location where the fresh product is packed. “Looking to the future, Zeleninárska wanted a more efficient way of weighing, especially for the parsley,” says Sales Manager Tjebbe Mijnheer of Manter. “Accurately weighing parsley root is a tough process. The long shape can easily cause blockages in the weigher. The weighing machines that Zeleninárska used to have couldn’t handle this very well.” With the Manter M10 Ca these problems belong to the past. The M10 Ca has been specially developed for long products, such as carrots and parsnips. “Long weighing scales and long lanes prevent blockages. Perfectly suited for the parsley root.”

By investing in better machines, Zeleninárska can guarantee their quality in the coming years.

Reliable machines important for continuity

Zeleninárska has direct personal contact and service just around the corner with the local Manter dealer APH Group Slovakia. In recent years, the popularity of Slovak food has increased in their own country. “As in many other European countries, the demand for fresh products in small packages in the supermarkets has increased enormously,” explains Mijnheer. “Zeleninárska needs reliable and efficient machines to keep up with the increasing demand. With the Manter machines and the local service from APH Group Slovakia they have found a perfect combination to achieve this.”

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