Manter perfects Pouchfiller

To meet the growing demand from different industries for a solution concerning ready-made pouchbags, Manter has perfected the Pouchfiller.

The machine was already suitable for citrus, among other things. But because of the soft-filler development added onto the Pouchfiller, it is now also suitable for other fruits and vegetables. Several packers of apples, cherries but also potatoes see it as a solution for the growing demand for a trendy packaging which is resealable.

The past few months Manter developed the so-called “soft-fill option” after customer demand in the fruit industry. By optimizing and integrating an existing application into the Pouchfiller, these customers could also be served. By applying intelligent software that combines different processes, hardly any speed is lost.

Also in the potato packing industry there is a growing demand for a new packingtype. The pouchbag is considered a serious option by packers as well as supermarket chains. It gives a certain luxurius appearance to potatoes and thereby offers a distinctiveness.

You can find more information about the Pouchfiller here.