Manter launches “AutoPack”

Manter releases the newest generation bagplacer and semi-automatic bagger: Bag Placer and SemiPack. The two machines combined are called AutoPack. The new generation stands out in capacity, ease of use and reliability and can also process a durable paper packaging fully automatically. “A must for every onion processor and seed potato packer,” according to Michiel Eilander, Commercial Manager of Manter International B.V.

The modular combination of the bagplacer and semi-automatic bagger are made in two versions: the AutoPack and the AutoPack HS (High Speed). Where the AutoPack has a capacity of up to 15 bags of 25 kg a minute, the High Speed version handles up to 20 bags a minute.

Ease of use
Considering the machines are available separately as the Bag Placer and the SemiPack, they are both equipped with their own operating terminal. The combination however, will be presented with one operating terminal. “From one location the combination can be adjusted to the different weights, bagtypes and sizes, which enhances the ease of use of the machine.

Since the introduction of the MBP and SAB 15 years ago, Manter is recognized for the possibilty of processing different bagsizes. “By integrating servo-drives and improved software, Manter takes the reliability for different bagsizes to the next level,” Eilander explains. “Because of this, we control the different moving parts within the machine better, which increases the reliability.”

To respond to the growing demand of sustainable packing, the AutoPack is also suitable for fully automatic packaging of durable paper bags. The paper bags are placed in the stock of the Bag Placer and automatically offered to the SemiPack. This results in a fully automatic solution for packaging single paper bags.