Manter Balance 21 & 22

Fast and efficient are two keywords that apply more and more to our market. These days packaging companies are expected to process and deliver their products as fast and as efficiently as possible. The product leaves storage as close as it is possible to the delivery date, after which there is no way back. Manter clients can be confident that the quality goods which are delivered are accurately weighed and neatly packaged. This is crucial because supermarkets demand the timely delivery of produce, so that they can be made available to the customers as
fresh as possible. This Manter Balance features an article on a Spanish client that has invested in a Manter packaging line. This line enables the company to package their products faster, more accurately, and more efficiently than ever. In addition we focus on the fastest weigher of our range, the MD20 D. This weigher has been specifically developed for small packagers for
whom a combination of speed and accuracy is most important. The MD20 D has a maximum capacity of 100 drops per minute, can supply up to four packaging machines with products simultaneously, and it only requires limited floor space.

Furthermore, there is an update on the Manter MMG in this edition of Manter Balance. This system, developed by Manter, which allows us to offer remote support, and allows the client to improve their management of the equipment. Recently, the MMG has proven itself, by helping customers worldwide with fine-tuning their machinery. Work on a third production hall at Manter is well under way. The building will house office space, along with extended production facilities. It is expected to be delivered ready for use in spring 2016. This will result in us being able to work faster and more efficiently at our own location.
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Manter Balance 21
Weighers and packers are considered to be among the most intelligent systems used by packaging companies. It therefore comes as no surprise that customers often ask us to inspect or set up the other systems in their packaging lines as well, given our extensive knowledge of packaging machinery. In doing so, one of our objectives is to strive towards a centrally operated system capable of configuring and fine-tuning the underlying machines. Many customers want the installation of new packaging lines into which components from various brands have to be integrated, to be managed by one company. Just recently, Manter supplied and installed a large potato packaging line for a customer in Germany. Assuming full coordination of the entire process, Manter saw to it that all aspects were perfectly and reliably integrated, from the feeding unit to the installation of various robots, the palletiser and the newly developed Pusher and Positioner

Distribution agents and dealers increasingly have a preference for suppliers who specialise in managing the entire delivery and installation process on the basis of a comprehensive plan. An example in this respect is Volm, a US-based Manter partner. Volm has formed a highly specialised organisation operating under the name of Volm Equipment Solutions Team (VEST). This Manter Balance features the extensive story about Volm and its Volm Equipment Solutions Team. This edition also features an article on the Manter Bag Placer. This machine automatically places bags under the filling hole of a semi-automatic Bagger. Thanks to intelligent patented components, this bag placer flawlessly handles the bags from beginning to end. The development of machines such as this is clear proof that Manter intends to continue to be a preferred partner in packaging solutions and to provide the perfect integration of machine components in packaging lines.
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