Kimco optimizes workflow with new Manter installation

In the Belgian city of Dendermonde, Kimco NV processes Belgian and Dutch onions and packs them from 2.5 kg to 25 kg in mesh bags and crates. In order to continue to supply their customers with fresh onions, Kimco has invested in a complete Manter weighing and packaging line. With this, the company meets the increasing demand for different packaging weights.

Installation of onion weighing and packaging line at Kimco Belgium.
The weighing and packaging line at Kimco in Belgium meets the highest quality requirements.

“We carefully monitor the entire onion production process,” says Kris de Kimpe, manager at Kimco NV. “We need reliable and efficient machines to do so.” The mission was clear: a total weighing and packaging line for onions in net bags and crates from 2.5 kg to 25 kg. The company stands for top quality, Kimco processes onions that meet the strictest quality standards.

Fast and reliable

“Kimco NV operates according to the “Just In Time” principle: when the customer orders in the morning, the order will be delivered the same day,” says De Kimpe. We supply supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers and in Belgium and abroad. Succesful just-in-time deliveries require quick changeovers. The new Manter weighing and packaging line enables us to work with different packaging materials and weights.

Flexible weighing and packaging

The supplier of choice was determined by the best offered solution for packing mesh bags in small and large weights and loose product in crates. With the MD14 XL Kimco can weigh the onions accurately from 500 grams to 25 kg. Combined with the AutoPack and the new AutoMesh+ , the onions are carefully packed in separate premade mesh bags and mesh bags from the roll. Finally, Kimco can choose to pack the loose product in crates or boxes using the Crate Filler. By using presets it is possible to switch effortlessly between the weigher, the three packaging machines and the different weights. The result: a diverse range of the best quality.

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