In stock: a complete line with weigher and semi-automatic bagger

Due to a cancellation by a customer, Manter can deliver a M2 XXL with SemiPack and elevator from stock. This is the perfect installation for the (seed)potato or onion packer. Planning on weighing and packing large weights with high capacity this summer, but can’t wait for a long delivery time? This is your chance!

The M2 XXL is the ideal weigher for large weights with a weighing range from 5 to 25 kg. Larger weights are possible with multiple drops. At 25 kg the weigher has a capacity of 14 bags a minute. The weigher is equipped with 2 large weighing buckets with a low fall height. Both weighing buckets have 3 vibrating lanes for the infeed of the product. When the weighing buckets have almost reached the required weight, the vibrating lanes will stop one by one to reduce the infeed to achieve an accurate weight.

The SemiPack is a half-automatic bagger for single net, hessian and paper bags. The machine is suitable for bags of 10 to 50 kg. At 25 kg this packing machine can process up to 18 bags a minute. The bags are placed under the filling opening manualy. The machine checks the position of the bag, then gives a signal to the weigher to receive product. After filling the bag, it is automatically transported to the sewing head for closing the bag. It is optional at a sewing tape while closing the bag.

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M2 XXL SemiPack