How TECHNOLOGY supports your business

It is no longer enough to simply make your business decisions on gut feeling and experience. The industry of weighing and packaging is becoming increasingly flexible and requires a different method of business management.


With Manter Machine Gateway (in short: MMG) you are able to collect all the data you need to lift your packing process to a whole new level. Simplicity is key in business success and efficiency.

Various levels

All MMG levels are provided with remote assistance. This enables our Manter service engineer to troubleshoot online. And also observe the machine settings and optimise them when needed.


In addition to the basic level, the Advanced level can be selected. In this regard, managers themselves are able to support technical staff or operators. This allows faster troubleshooting without unnecessary shut downs.


Thirdly, the most enhanced option, Analytics. This option makes collecting detailed data possible, for making analyses to help optimising the weighing- and packaging process where necessary.

For all levels of remote assistance you need an online connection.

More information

Would you like to recieve more in-depth information, or should you have a specific requirement, please contact us or see the MMG brochure.