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Manter Balance 27 & 28

Manter Balance 28 Being a machine manufacturer, Manter deals with multiple levels of customers. The direct customer buys the machine from Manter. That machine provides them with a product they sell to their own customers. In many cases, that customer is a supermarket who has an other customer: the consumer. To give the best service to the direct customer, Manter takes demands of all the customers in account. Examples of how this works can be found in the edition of the Manter Balance. Read more

Manter Balance 25 & 26

Manter machines play an indispensable role among customers, which is why high-quality service is such an important part of the organisation. To maintain service at the highest level, Manter over the past years has invested in technology that enables online contact with machines. Read more

Manter Balance 23 & 24

An eye for quality The key word in this Manter Balance is expansion. The new Manter building is ready, with a new cafeteria for the employees and a large new presentation area to receive our customers. In addition to this area an additional production hall was built, where we have expanded our own production to respond to any changes and specials more quickly. Read more

Manter Balance 21 & 22

Fast and efficient are two keywords that apply more and more to our market. These days packaging companies are expected to process and deliver their products as fast and as efficiently as possible. Read more