Kimco optimizes workflow with new Manter installation

In the Belgian city of Dendermonde, Kimco NV processes Belgian and Dutch onions and packs them from 2.5 kg to 25 kg in mesh bags and crates. In order to continue to supply their customers with fresh onions, Kimco has invested in a complete Manter weighing and packaging line. With this, the company meets the increasing demand for different packaging weights.

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Batati chooses Manter technology for Swiss sweet potato

The Swiss sweet potato season has begun for Batati, Switzerland. The sweet potato has risen to new levels of popularity. To respond to this development, Christian Hurni and Simon van der Veer, the initiators of Batati GmbH, recently invested in a Manter installation.

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Russia invests in extensive installation from Manter

After a period of hard work and dedication of our employees and our Russian dealer APH Russia, Manter completed a special project with 6 lines, for 5 different kinds of vegetables and 8 packaging types. It was a lengthy process, but we can all be very proud of the result.

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Bernal onions; one step ahead of competition with new Manter installation

In the sunny south of Spain, Cebollas Bernal has been handling various types of onions for over 10 years. The family business, founded by father and son, Ginés and David Bernal, guarantees top quality onions by meeting strict requirements on their entire process from sorting to packing. Therefore, they are always looking for technological improvements. Because, as they say: "The taste is in the quality"

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Manter delivers turnkey project to successful dog chew producer

In Veendam, at approximately half an hour's drive from Manter's production site in Emmen, Paragon Pet Products manufactures more than 100 million WHIMZEES vegetarian dog snacks per year.

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Manter machines boost customer satisfaction at Navarro Darder

Operating from Valencia in the south of Spain, Navarro Darder SL each year packages approximately 25,000 tonnes of onions. Read more

Synplants Luxemburg invests in state-of-the-art Manter machines

Automation is now the magic word for Luxembourg-based seed-potato cooperative Synplants. This year the company inaugurated an ultra-modern storage and grading warehouse, featuring state-ofthe-art machinery Read more

Finnish company goes for quick and easy-to-use Manter machines

The modern-day Finnish produce market is chaotic and competitive. Customers demand short delivery times and this requires machines for quick packaging. Read more