Bernal onions; one step ahead of competition with new Manter installation

In the sunny south of Spain, Cebollas Bernal has been handling various types of onions for over 10 years. The family business, founded by father and son, Ginés and David Bernal, guarantees top quality onions by meeting strict requirements on their entire process from sorting to packing. Therefore, they are always looking for technological improvements. Because, as they say: “The taste is in the quality”

Customer satisfaction

In addition to the packaging of onions, Cebollas Bernal are also distributors. Most Bernal onions are distributed throughout Spain. With their own trucks and vans, they respond to the increasing demand for flexible customer service in order to achieve higher customer satisfaction. In addition to distribution, there are also more and more customers with specific packaging requirements, with different weights and packaging materials.

Continuous improvement

To meet the increasing demand for good quality onions in various types and quantities, Cebollas Bernal chose the quality machines of Manter. There was an immedeate connection between father and son Bernal and the Manter Ibérica team, and together they determined the best solution for their packing requirements. The new installation allows them to weigh more accurately and specifically meet the packaging needs of the customer. With the M10 L in combination with the SemiPack, bags of 25 kg are a no brainer. But the smaller packages, such as 10 kilo bags or boxes, are also easily achievable. We wish Cebollas Bernal every success in the future with their new installation!

From left to right: David Bernal, Ginés Bernal and José Elices from Manter Ibérica S.L.