Batati chooses Manter technology for Swiss sweet potato

The Swiss sweet potato season has begun for Batati, Switzerland. The sweet potato has risen to new levels of popularity. To respond to this development, Christian Hurni and Simon van der Veer, the initiators of Batati GmbH, recently invested in a Manter installation.

In 2014, Christian Hurni and Simon van der Veer, both from Seeland, Switzerland, took a first step: they planted the exotic sweet potato in Swiss soil. Successfully as it turns out, they have now built up the Batati brand and their sixth harvest has been welcomed on the shelves of retailers.

Investment for the future

“To process the harvested sweet potatoes with less manual work, we were looking for a crop-friendly solution for weighing and packaging our sweet potatoes,” says Christian Hurni, one of the initiators of Batati GmbH. “Sweet potatoes are easily damaged, which makes it difficult to mechanize.” When stored for a long time, sweet potatoes spoil quickly, so it is important to optimise the weighing and packaging process as much as possible. The choice was made for the Manter M8 L weigher and a cartonfiller. The 7 meter long supply belt also ensures that less manual work is needed.

De M8 L weigher and cartonfiller at Batati GmbH

Product-friendly and reliability

The M8 L weigher is provided with extra large weighing buckets for large product. Packers that weigh large sweet potatoes require weighers that have buckets to match. The majority of other weighers simply can’t handle the size of our product,” Hurni mentions. Furthermore, the M8 L is considerably faster, upto 20 drops per minute at 5 kg while maintaining product-friendliness. The Batati potato is then collected in the cartonfiller, which drops the product in the carton with reduced drop height to prevent damage. “We very much enjoyed the weigher taking care of our product in a gentle manner so the potatoes stay unharmed and in good condition,” says Hurni. Amongst other precautions, it is because of the so-called “softliner” that prevents the potatoes to bump into the rigid parts of the weigher. The result is a 6 kg carton of delicious Batati sweet potatoes.