Manter continues to expand; automation now more relevant than ever

The coronavirus that has a hold on our society, exposes risks and problems that would otherwise remain unperceived. The pandemic forces many companies in the potato, vegetable and fruit sector to introduce improvements in the area of logistics and automating processes. This development creates an increased demand for Manter weighing- and packingmachines. To respond to this need, Manter plans to further expand its manufacturing facility in Emmen, The Netherlands.

Increasing demand for weighing- and packaging machines
Behind the scenes at Manter

Automation steps for companies in potato, vegetable and fruit sector

Customers who invested in automation solutions like the Manter weighing- and packaging machines are now demonstrably better at continuing their production during the crisis. because it makes them less dependent on human labour. Furthermore they’re able to respond more easily to the 1,5 metres distance guidelines and able to react more quickly to changing market demands. “As a result of COVID-19, companies realise the necessity of automation in the short term in order to ensure business continuity facing high absenteeism and a lack of qualified workers,” explains Michiel Eilander, Sales Commercial Manager at Manter International B.V. “Manter is able to make a significant contribution to solve this matter.”

Facillitate continues growth, today and in the future

“The urgent need for automation solutions has resulted in a huge increase in the number of requests for Manter weighing- and packaging machines.” Michiel continues. In order to support this growth, Manter invests in extending its production facility in Emmen, The Netherlands. “The last few months we took steps toward increasing our production capacity. We just hired additional staff and outsourced some of the work. In addition, we still have various vacancies.” says Michiel. “The increasing demand for our machines and the success of our company makes us grow rapidly. We already have advanced plans to expand our current production location to create more capacity and to assure quality and to assure our quality as usual.” adds Michiel.

Manter’s vision for the future

Just like the last 25 years the interest of the customer comes first at Manter. “Labour is getting more scarce in the next decade, so we’ve made it our main task to unburden the customer.” according to Michiel. “By listening very carefully to our customers we can continuously adapt our high-end machines to changing market demands. It’s in our DNA to stay customer oriented and improve his production process alongside. That may not be the easiest way, but an approach that suits the needs of our customer.”

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