Manter Balance 23 & 24

An eye for quality

The key word in this Manter Balance is expansion. The new Manter building is ready, with a new cafeteria for the employees and a large new presentation area to receive our customers. In addition to this area an additional production hall was built, where we have expanded our own production to respond to any changes and specials more quickly.

The main article in this publication features a special about our customer, Easterday Farms in the United Stated of America. Recently, this company commissioned a completely new Manter line in Florida. This line consists of a weigher and four different packers that can all be remotely operated via Manter Control.
We have also reinforced Manter Iberica, our branch in Spain. In addition to our own man Albert Llaguerri, Javier Barranco has joined the team to serve the strongly growing market. Raquel Gomez will be responsible for the indoor sales staff and administration. Furthermore, there is an article on the MD14 XL weigher, the weigher that quickly and accurately weighs large weights. The MBP bag placer is available in two versions, one for low-speed and another more extensive high-speed version for 50 kg jute bags, among other things. The MPB HS will be presented during the coming Interpom in Belgium.

In addition to the expansion of the plant in Emmen, the product package has also been expanded further. We have developed a weigher specifically aimed at frozen fish products. A market that makes high demands on the machines. A market, however, that is very close to the current Manter market which is something these customers have observed themselves. They were the ones to invite Manter to make the necessary adjustments so that they could buy our machines. It’s great to see that our customers do have an eye for quality.
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Manter Balance 23
Innovative, that is the key word for this—once again—new edition of Manter Balance. First and foremost, we are extremely proud of our new company logo, which has been given a fresh new look with bright colours. Just as with all innovations, many ideas came before it. And from these ideas came a well-thought-out decision and we finally have a truly recognisable and modern sign that suits our thought and working processes as machine builders. The logo may have changed, but our identity remains the same.

The variety of new systems, which we have recently been selling worldwide, have also been the result of innovation. Recently, a new completely stainless steel weighing and packaging line was taken into service in Finland, which was delivered in close collaboration with our partner APH in Joure. The weighing machine has been available in stainless steel for some time and now the packaging machines are constructed in stainless steel as well. On the packaging system at hand a tape unit is installed, fitted with a printer to print directly on the tape. In addition to this, the new Manter Control has been introduced in Canada. This system allows the client to enter the settings for all the machines from one central point. There are even more new innovative additions to the Manter catalogue; various auxiliary machines in the packaging line that can speed up and smooth out the weighing and packaging process. These include the new Manter CheckWeigher as well as a box packing machine. We also added a new Punnet model or tray filling machine and a variety of repacking machines. In short, Manter delivers more than just weighing machines.

We hope that after you have read about all our innovations, you will be inspired (once) again. We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you. Have we piqued your interest in our machines? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to talk to you.
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