Fishing industry embraces M12i Fr weigher

Being the growing company it is, Manter always aims to enlarge its field of operations. In addition, at the request of the Spanish fish processing companies , its machines have recently been put to use in the fish industry. The Manter M12i Fr was designed specifically with this in mind. What is special about this machine is that it can effortlessly operate in freezing conditions without loss of accuracy in weighing.

In addition to the current AGF sector, in which Manter has been active for many years, the company is receiving more and more requests for weighing and packaging machines from other industries. Interest is particularly big within the food processing industries. Manter has been supplying machines for processing crops and segmented potato industry products for many
years, and now the meat and fish industries have also discovered the machines of the company in Emmen.

No problem weighing in freezing conditions
The fish industry heavily relies on machines that can operate at sub-zero temperatures without problems. They require accurate weighers, for which Manter recently developed a special
model that is highly suitable for weighing deep-frozen (fish)products. This weigher, the M12i Fr, features 12 in line weighing buckets. The weigher has been designed and configured to process deep-frozen, elongated fish filets in a very cold environment. In order to do so without any problems, the weighers incorporate the latest weighing technologies. They also feature software developed by Manter itself that can be remotely supported. The weighing cells and operating console are fitted with frost-resistant components. This guarantees accurate weighing of the buckets at sub-zero temperatures. In addition, each of the buckets can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. Each bucket has 12 valves. Those valves discharge the product downwards, so that it falls through quickly and unobstructed. As with all Manter weighers, the M12i Fr can be fitted with a variety of different discharge and feeding systems. There can be little doubt that this
special weigher already has a bright future in the fish industry, and we are proud to announce that three frost-resistant weighers have already been sold.

M12i Fr Weigher